Waterford Workshop

May 31 and June 1, I attended a Sara Linda Poly workshop near Leesburg, Virginia. I decided to begin in pastels and did them on Saturday. Sunday, I did my first plein air oils - which won't be pictured here!

The residence which housed the workshop was quite scenic and large. The mahogany-floored back porch was large enough to hold close to 30 artists, their easels and supplies. Straight back from the house was a field and hill, often dotted with horses. When the rains did come, the half dozen horses stood still and silent in formation off to the right of this painting.

Storm's a Comin'
Pastel on Pastelboard

Several out buildings were located to the left of the back porch. It was thrilling when the rains did arrive, as the sky had been quite dramatic. I pretend this is an apple tree, as that seems to suit.

Rain Begins
Pastel on Wallis