Workhouse Demo in Oil

Over the weekend as a part of the Second Saturday Gallery Walk at the Workhouse, I created a replica oil painting of a 5x7 that sold there last summer. Doing a demo can be a gab fest laced with education, but despite all the talking I almost finished the 9x12 version of that 5x7 image from a photo I took near Nokesville VA.

Regardless of working in oil, I got in a lot of education about pastels based on the attendee's interests in my hanging this month. Looking left to right at the pastels, below, my display had an acrylic underpainting with a prepared pumice surface on foam board, a watercolor underpainting on Uart, and (top) a pastel underpainting using the float method on Pastelbord. The variety of methods that pastels offer can be mind boggling and I was amazed at how interested adults and children alike were about techniques and materials.

Ever pragmatic and humorous, I found it wonderful painting in front of a wall of my work, which gave credibility to my skills as people witnessed my demo piece go through its ugly stage, as all paintings do. I should bring a similar display when I work plein air so that passing viewers know that paintings do come around.

Fellow Workhouse artist and metal fabricator, Mike Minnery, later brought his family by for a pastel lesson.

Many thanks to Workhouse artist, Jack Dyer, for the photos.


Old Town Alexandria Patch

I enjoy the local Patch online newspapers. They actually want community news and follow leads you provide. Great system there!

Here's their first installment of the Exhibition Series. More to follow.


Firebricks and Frames Exhibition Series: Save the Date

I am very excited to be a part of this solo show series, which begins in June. The kick off will be June 8 at 7pm in Alexandria. My own show, Breeze By, will be up for the month of August. It will combine painting and photography, the mundane from a summer day made even more beautiful. The Opening will be Thursday, August 4, 6-9p.

Quite a diverse group, other participating artists are Marsha Brown, Meghan Coyle, Camden Noir, Tracey Wilkerson, Jessica Hopkins, and Vaughn Cottman.


Skies and More Skies


For Saturday, May 14, at the Workhouse's Second Saturday from 6p until probably 8p, I will be doing a demo in oil in W-16. My goal will be to finish a painting and have a wet canvas sale at the end. Please stop by if you're in the area.

Sometimes artists have a little ping of regret when a piece sells. Last year at the Workhouse, I sold a beautiful 5x7 in the most glorious gold frame. It was a Old Masters gem based on a photo I took near Nokesville, VA.

Let's hope I have the same ping on Saturday. I will be recreating, to some degree, Evening Flame in a larger format, using a wonderful Pannelli Telati fine cotton panel again. They are perfectly smooth, which is the feel I want for a sunset.

If you happen by the Workhouse, look for my wall of paintings, an unusual honor as I requested my submissions for the month be displayed together. When I paint this sky, I will be surrounded by other skies I've created in pastel and oil, to include the two most recent posts here. This will be a lot of fun.


Skyline Atmospherics

Skyline Atmospherics was created based on a picture I took from Skyline Drive. It's a very close recreation, which began as a watercolor underpainting.

Put together as a demo for the Springfield Art Guild, I am happy to have volunteered for the project. Today is another demo day for SAG, so come by the Springfield Mall's Community Room (between JC Penney and the elevator) between 2-4 to see demos and the current show, a Member's Choice Award Exhibit. As you can tell below, when given a whole table and not balancing it all outdoors, it makes me very happy to spread out.

 Photo by Jon Strother

Next weekend, I'll be doing a demo in water soluble oils at the Workhouse in Lorton from about 6-8pm May 14; there will be a framed wet canvas sale when I am finished. My goal will be to recreate a larger version of Evening Flame, a 5x7 which sold there last year.

Skyline Atmospherics

Photography Prints