Instructor, Student, Staff Show at the Workhouse Closing

If you haven't made it by the Workhouse for this exhibit upstairs in W-16, be sure to drop by soon as it ends on Saturday, January 29.


Collector's Showcase Gala 2011

Tickets went on sale a few days ago for the Workhouse 2011 Collector's Showcase Gala on February 19. Artists have contributed paintings and attendees to the gala get to select their valuable works of art to take home. Purchase your tickets now for the best positions to choose your paintings!


The Loft Gallery Display, January-February 2011

As you might be able to tell, I am very excited with my new position as an artist at The Loft Gallery in Occoquan. In addition to joining some fabulous artists, I am especially excited about designing my own wall space. At the Workhouse and the many other shows I do, I generally drop off art and have no input in how it is hung. Sometimes I stay to help hang, but the decisions about placement rightly go to others who do it routinely.

The Loft Gallery is my chance to be in charge of my own display. Following is the current exhibit; it will be beefed up considerably tomorrow as about a dozen sale items go around it. The whole gallery will be full of red slashes.

Of course the privilege of having a name plate, statement, and bio are pure gravy!

Top Row:
mixed media

mixed media

mixed media

Second Row:
mixed media on canvas with gemstones I hounded

mixed media on canvas with gemstones I hounded

mixed media on canvas with gemstones I hounded


Annual Sale at The Loft in Occoquan

Come early, as this is a well-attended and highly anticipated annual event! Sales are unusual for me, but I will have a good number of oils and pastels on hand and at great prices.


Workhouse Instructor, Student, Staff Show

This is my third time to participate in this annual show which highlights the heart of the Workhouse community.

You are cordially invited to the Opening Reception on Sunday, January 16 from 2 to 4pm. It is located upstairs in W-16. Check out my four pieces downstairs in the main gallery as well.

The show runs through January 29.

Beehive Oven


The Loft Gallery

Occoquan VA is a quaint little town on the Occoquan River, which leads to the Potomac River. It is a thriving, scenic, tourist town only about two miles from the Workhouse Arts Center and a few more miles from me. It is definitely in my plein air vision for my 10 MILE RADIUS continuing series.

For 25 years, Occoquan has been home to The Loft Gallery, which presently houses 21 artists, one of whom is now me! I am thrilled with the affiliation and the opportunity to hang my own walls with such an incredible group of talented artists around me.

Stay tuned. This will be a lot of fun.