Happy Holidays

My family and friends tend to make requests for art. I have learned to barter with them. If they shell out for a workshop or class, they'll get a painting, but they must wait until I exhibit it at least once. It's a pretty good system. They get a lot of added value for their expenditure and I get a lot of new experience.

This piece is for my mother, who gave it up for the framing costs of other pieces. Sincere thanks to stephie20at WetCanvas for the image.

Wet Boots
Soft pastel on white Pastelboard


Long Shadows

As I drove home from an event this summer, I took the long way home. Have camera, will detour. This day, I wound up seeking vistas of the Potomac from the Prince William County section of Virginia. The drive reminded me of how rural Virginia is, even a few dozen miles from DC.

This painting is from a picture that day. It's a park named Patawomeck, which was hosting little athletes and large family reunions.

I sought to paint big shapes in the vein of that style of landscape artists. Of course, I got in some extra details, but I primarily stayed true to my initial goal.

Oil on canvas


Evening Flame

This painting is from a series of pictures I took near Nokesville, VA after I'd wrapped up painting in Aden. It was one of the most beautiful sunsets I'd ever seen. In part due to its elaborate, stepped golden frame, this painting looks both classical and abstract in approaches. Lines are blurred. The fact that I do not like hard lines or boundaries is especially evident in this piece.

Oil on canvas


Small Works at the Workhouse

Check out the Small Works Exhibit until December 24. Artists were offered the opportunity to submit five pieces each for the show, each smaller than 8x10 and available for $200 or less.

Talk about cute! They look great hanging on the walls of the gallery, just as they would on your own walls.

Poppies in the Rough

Soft pastel on prepared surface


For the Season

To help with a fundraiser for both Springfield Art Guild and Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, I have been painting Nutcrackers for raffling beginning tomorrow at Springfield Mall. They began at Yard Art, but given the personalities involved they quickly evolved into Fine Yard Art.

I helped on Dolly and did Desert Nutcracker on my own. Please come by and support these fine organizations.


An Honored Day

I was the only person at the recent Workhouse ceremony who was a member of both cherished organizations involved: National Society Daughters of the American Revolution and Workhouse Arts Center. They came together in a marking to celebrate the suffragettes who were imprisoned on the grounds ninety years ago. A plaque now marks their history, which closely preceeded American women's right to vote, and is located on the buildings where the women were kept in solitary confinement for a period, a building that will house a museum dedicated to their bravery and fortitude.

It was a grand occassion attended by both a Congressman and the Secretary of the Commonwealth.


I can't wait for the Collector's Showcase!

There are still some tickets left, so join us for an evening of art, food, and jazz!

See a slideshow of the donated paintings and photography here.

Attend the event and you'll go home with one of these. Guaranteed.