LibertyTown 6x6x6 Show

Continuing my fascination with square canvases, I have progressed from 3x3 for the Workhouse to 10x10 for PONSHOP and have now regressed to 6x6 for LibertyTown's 6x6x6 show, one to not exceed six inches in any direction.

The exhibit Opening is October 1 from 5-9pm and the show runs until October 31.


Mixed Media with Semi-Precious Stones

Much like the pieces for the Workhouse 3x3 show which ended earlier this month, these 6x6 works on stretched canvas also capture geological cross sections and the treasures withim. 
Following are Stalagmite, Subterrane, and Fracture. All feature water media, black gesso, antique book biology figures, and semi-precious stones like star ruby, star sapphire, moonstone, peridot, garnet, rhodolite garnet, and quartz.


Del Ray Artisans Show

As another first these past few months, I am participating in my first Del Ray Artisans exhibit. The reputation of the Del Ray Artisans preceded themselves and their space is beautiful and well lit.

The Show is called Once Upon A Time and features fantastical, magical, and nostalgic re-imaginings with Curator Amy Souza. I have three pieces submitted. Two are city renderings from above, which relate to my endless source of flying dreams which remind me of Peter Pan. My third piece is historical in nature and a great story very close to my heart; although it is true, the image is fantastical.

The show runs from October 1 through October 24. Opening is the first night from 7-10pm at the Nicholas A. Colasanto Center on 2704 Mount Vernon Avenue in Alexandria.


Springfield Art Guild at Springfield Mall

Springfield Mall is undergoing major renovations and Springfield Art Guild will benefit as a result. Stores are being shifted and spaces open. On this rotating basis, SAG will have a Community Room to use for art classes, demos.and meetings. On the second Wednesday, SAG meets there monthly at 7:30pm.

Here are some inside shots of the member's gallery on one side and the long mural designed and created by talented members on the other. In addition to this, members exhibit in the Mall corridor outside the Community Room.

The pictures don't do the mural justice. Come by to see it, located between JC Penney and the Information Desk on the first floor.


Square City closes in a week

Visit  the PONSHOP exhibit at 710 Caroline St, Fredericksburg, VA through September 26. 

It's a great view for the engineer, architect, and city lover in all of us.


Up From the Cliffs

Begun under the Occoquan/Rt 123 Bridge, this was started early on an overcast day. The scene looks east from the Occoquan River toward the Potomac River.

Across the way, pinkish, orangish sandstone cliffs called as they peeked out from the lush, dense foliage of Occoquan Regional Park. For a time, the sun opened up on the park's entrance road in the distance, making the area glow. For added interest, the waterline's rich purple striations played on the water. This was such a beautiful scene to paint.

Finding cliffs in Fairfax County, away from Great Falls, was quite unexpected, but a real treat.

Up From the Cliffs
pastel on Pastelbord, watercolor underpainting


Good Morning

Visited the scenic valley of Hillsborough Vineyards again last week to paint plein air. It is west of Leesburg on the way to Harper's Ferry and amongst other wineries I have yet to investigate.

The property is a wonderful place for the variety and depth of views or for partaking in some repetition. I've painted this dairy farm twice before, but the pieces always look different. Two are hanging at the Workhouse through October 3.

Good Morning
pastel on UArt 500, watercolor underpainting

Sell Art Online


Behind the Scenes

In a surprise move, I won an Honorable Mention at the Springfield Art Guild's show at Green Spring Garden Park. See more about the show here; the Opening is tomorrow 1-3pm.

This pastel, I now realize, wasn't shown here yet, so I will rectify that post haste. Truly hovering behind the scenes, the piece was created for the 10 MILE RADIUS show this summer using the Stan Sperlak pastel floating method, so it has a pastel underpainting that resembles a watercolor. Based on a photograph I took, it is called Behind the Scenes, because it shows the back of the Workhouse from Lorton Road at Furnace Road.

Behind the Scenes
soft pastel


Virginia Wine Festival at Bull Run

Talk about a good time! Virginia Wine Festival really draws the crowds. And this year, it'll draw some of my 3x3 Muses in the Workhouse Arts Center booth. Check out the Muses on Parade September 11-12 at Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville, VA.

The Muse collection comes down at the Workhouse on September 12, although mine will be coming down a few days ahead of that. We're hoping you will be able to view them at holiday time, too.


The Muse Collection

 Not only is it fun to be a part of a collection, it is great fun to be within a collection.

Left is Tex Forrest, a Workhouse metal fabrication artist, showing my son, Jasper, his 3x3 box. Jasper was thrilled to be able to show off his own as well.

Below is the poster explaining the Muse Collection, as it appears amongst the overall Centennial Exhibit.

Look closely and you see my son and me, along with my piece of art, and we appear IN the exhibit. It's trippy!

The exhibit runs until September 12.


The Fall 2010 Art Show and Sale, SAG

Presented by the Springfield Art Guild and Friends of Green Spring Garden Park, this annual show runs from August 31 to October 25 at various venues within Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria. The exhibit focuses on horticultural, natural, and local history themes.

The juror was Susan La Mont, an incredible landscape artist. She chose three of my pastels for the show.

The Opening is on September 12 from 1-3p in the Horticulture Center. Although I would love to be there to congratulate the winners, it is the very day my son will be ushered into teenagerhood, so we will have to miss this one.


Kelly's Art & Frame

The next turn over of art begins at Kelly's on September 9. In the mean time, go see what she has to offer Alexandria and beyond. The following show runs through October 21.

Enjoy your holiday. I'm hoping for curving fingers of near miss hurricane clouds on otherwise sunny days.