Bonnie Ferguson Butler: Getting Personal

This blog shows lots that I do and create. I want to take a post to talk a bit about me.

First, my way to the Arts was convoluted, as it is for many. In a very personal article for my undergraduate college, I wrote about that journey and how training as a biologist and a career in Biochemistry brought me to the Arts. It all began with a final Liberal Arts class I needed during my Senior year. I chose the only Studio Arts class the college offered and carry the joy of it with me to this day.

Second, people often wonder about my name. "Wonder" is, well, a nice way to say butcher.

I use my maiden name, Ferguson, as my "artist name" with good reason. More about that in a sec, but Ferguson is my personal identifier, even if it makes my name too long for picky exhibit coordinators' name tags.

I am not British, so my last name is not Ferguson Butler and it does not work to alphabetize me under "F." Further, it's not hyphenated to be Ferguson-Butler; that's just crazy long for me to use as a surname. Butler by itself is nicely short, although Bonnie F. Butler is the one who receives the bills around here. She's not the artist, so please don't truncate my artist name that way.

I will gladly answer to BF Butler, though, because that's how I sign paintings.

Other than the pride of using my maiden name, my primary reason for using Ferguson is that it separates me from the three other Bonnie Butlers who are artists. Yes, there are at least four of us.
  • One Bonnie Butler lives in PA
  • One Bonnie Butler specializes in folk art. She is actually Bonnie Bess Watson Butler and lives in Mississippi.
  • Another Bonnie Butler, who I do not find online, specializes in watercolors and I saw a still life painting of hers in a friend's home over 20 years ago. My friend asked if the print was mine, because I was a watercolorist at the time.
  • Then there's me. 

As an aside, there's also the photographer, Bonnie Butler Brown. Don't want to leave her out or try to confuse the picture.

This would probably make Rhett and Scarlet proud.

So now you know.

PS - See my art and photography at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton VA and please "like" the Pastel Society of Virginia on Facebook. I am the Founder, doing so in 2011.


The Loft Gallery in Occoquan Celebrates 27 Years!


Check out my gallery space at the Loft!

And visit our annual sale, which lasts only two more weeks.


Beach Cottages at Sunset, Cape May

Beach Cottages at Sunset, Cape May
soft pastel on Pastelbord


Workhouse Arts Center Collector's Showcase

February 23 marks annual Workhouse's Collector's Showcase.

This is how it works. Workhouse juried artists contribute artwork for event attendees to win by lottery. The pieces are judged for the artists to win prizes and are available for viewing until the event.

My "Cape May Inlet" received an Honorable Mention from judge, Dr. Joann Moser, Deputy Chief Curator Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Attend February 23 for the gala evening to see if you might be able to choose it in the lottery. Look to the link for ticket info.

In the mean time,

Saturday, February 9, 2013 - 12:00pm to 9:00pm
Price: Free
Venue: Campus Wide
To give or to collect, a question for any art owner.

To celebrate the Collectors Showcase exhibit and the Valentine holiday, the Workhouse encourages you to do both.  Explore 7 open studios buildings, meet the artists, and purchase art for a loved one, or because you love it.  For Love: Collection Saturday will feature free artists demonstrations, performances, food and beverages, discussions on art collecting, and unique works of art guaranteed to impress the one you love.