Lily Pads at Green Spring Gardens

I was in a plein air class with Sarah Linda Poly through The Art League in Alexandria. Everyone else was working in oils; I'd barely begun my journey in oils and was the lone pastelist. The exposure, however, was perfect for my training overall.

Because massive, close in clumps of foliage blind me, I wandered around the pond area and wound up looking down instead for my source. The reflection among the lily pads spoke to me. It was completed on site.

Pastel on Wallis Belgian Mist, 14x11


Belle Haven Point

Today's class was on atmospherics, one of Sara Linda Poly's specialties. Early mornings were foggy and, as often happened, it would get hot and humid afterwards.

This vantage is from the far end of Belle Haven, looking down the Potomac toward the Chesapeake.

Pastel on Wallis, 4x11

For starters, this image is available here.


Belle Haven Secrets

Again as the only pastelist in a Sara Linda Poly class, I imparted my own style on the rest of the class. Pastels have been around for a long time, but there are so many misconceptions. It is fun to serve as an educator and advocate for this beautiful medium.

This is the right side of Belle Haven Marina, that which backs to the nature preserve. I found the solitude very tranquil as I tried to make the tangled mess of vegetation in the Potomac charming! (Now you know the secret.)

Pastel on Rust Colorfix, 8x11