Friends and Family

The Workhouse recently held a juried entry for their Friends and Family show. Artists already exhibiting there were asked to choose a friend or family member not affiliated with the Workhouse to come together and submit works for jury.

The Opening is September 3 5-7p and the show runs until September 25.

I had seen this image already on my sister's Facebook and immediately thought of it when I learned of the special exhibit. My sister, Roxann, has a keen eye for composition and especially likes naturally-created still lifes, but she doesn't use her photography like she should! The bike is labelled as TAXI, so it seemed fitting for the photo's name.

To coordinate with it, I chose a picture I took of my son and called it "Sun in my Eyes" which, of course, is a homonym for my real intent.

The incredible news is that our photos made the front of the show's postcard! My sister is going to be spoiled into thinking all this art stuff is easy.


Pastel Society of Virginia Exhibit

See the PSV membership form at www.tinyurl.com/psvmembership .
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Original Post:

The Pastel Society of Virginia's exhibit slated to begin on Saturday with the Opening on Sunday is being delayed due to the weather.

Installation will be complete on Labor Day, September 5 and we will have an impromptu Paint In and Reception beginning around noon.

Come by to help us celebrate the first purely pastel group exhibit in Virginia. It is located in Springfield Mall in the Springfield Art Guild Community Room between JC Penney and the Information Booth. Once inside Entry 6 under the Modell sign, head to the left.

We invite all viewers to choose their favorite artist, who will win the Terry Ludwig People's Choice Award $150 gift certificate and a pad of Wallis paper. All participants will receive several Terry Ludwig pastels. Look for our ballot box; paintings will be located in both the Community Room's gallery and the outer window space.


"Remains to be Scene" Extended

The "Remains to be Scene" Exhibit at the Hylton Center at GMU in Manassas has been extended through September 4. Visit my painting and three photographs, plus read their descriptions.

Manassas Battlefield Today (right), Metallic Ink Photograph,11x14
"Maintaining the Manassas Battlefield Park is monumental in its mission to preserve this area for future generations. This simple image catches a small part of that effort today."

Solitude in Splendor (below) pastel, 9x12:
"Painted en plein air at Heron Pond in Fairfax Station [VA], this work honors the nursing duties of Clara Barton, who tended both Confederate and Union Troops nearby in Fairfax Station ."



Begun en plein air at Burke Lake, this is a water float pastel underpainting in which I sought a more abstract and angular interpretation.

Initially, I used light colors, so the chalk separated and floated a bit much, but I was able to get in plenty of color over that, despite the rules about darker pastel over light not covering completely.

Using textured surfaces certainly helps.

I appreciate how energizing, yet tranquil, this little painting is.

5x7 Pastelbord

Photography Prints


Breeze By Installation

Tonight is the Opening night! Here's a preview of some summery paintings and quotations.

Pastel Society of Virginia in the News

The Pastel Society of Virginia has a our first exhibit beginning August 27 with the Opening August 28 2-4p. It's very exciting to have a press release that worked!

Thanks to Springfield Connection, page 15, and thanks to Springfield Art Guild for hosting us as well as Springfield Mall for hosting them.

In the mean time, "Breeze By" my Opening tonight at 905 King St in Alexandria for my August show. It features pastels and photography with a few oils and mixed media added for even more variety. I am quite proud of it and especially enjoy hanging so many of my photos. Hey! Free pizza and wine!

Skyline Atmospherics
11x14 on Pastelbord


Thor's Hammer, Bryce Canyon, UT

In leading a demo for a floating pastel underpainting, I chose the photo of Carolyn, fellow Pastel Society of Virginia member, to use as an example, which was an unusual move for me, as I only paint from my own photos. However, this image was so compelling.

The underpainting didn't cover the entire surface. I mostly worked in darks and greens, saving all the lights for later. This way, the edges I wanted to be sharp and colors deep wouldn't be hazed by floating chalk from the lighter pastels.

Almost entirely done in Pastel Society of Virginia meetings, this painting was so much fun to model and sculpt.

Thanks, Carolyn.

Thor's Hammer, Bryce Canyon, UT
9x12 Pastelbord