Natural Bridge Morning

As we returned from my son's week of camp, I wanted to take the long way home. We stayed at Natural Bridge, a lovely and gracious facility. We also went to the nearby Natural Bridge Zoo, the best petting zoo we'd ever been to. There are some silly things to see, too, as well as caverns. We did most of them.

The first night there we went to the evening program, a light and music show about Creation, which is included in the regular ticket. I got to scope the lay of the land and returned the next morning to paint the scene. Although I'd been doing oils exclusively for a few weeks, I decided to do a pastel: less gear to haul and less time to complete. My 10yo son brought his harmonica along, so we charmed the crowds for a couple hours.

Pastel on Wallis

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Bonnie said...

Thanks so much for this praise:

Your work is beautiful!!! I love the one of Natural Bridge. I went there for a weekend years ago. You are an awesome talent, thanks for sharing your work.