Career Day

When the counselors of my son's school requested help for their first Career Day, I was all over it! I was the Career Day Artist (Painter), as there were also a ceramicist and an actor there, too.

Here's the tri-fold I put together using many cards and objects d'art. You may see yourself in there! The drawings and photograph were created by my 11 yo son.


In case you do similar, below are the 44 careers in the arts as included in this set: Art Careers for Kids Conversation Cards. I have also used the cards with Boy Scouts in doing the Art merit badge.

Courtroom Artist
Art Therapist
Art Teacher
Glass Blower
Interior Decorator
Museum Director
Cake Decorator
Editorial Cartoonist
Industrial Designer
Art Librarian
Museum Educator
Graphic Designer
Art Magazine Publisher
Art Detective
Comic Strip Artist
Toy Designer
Art Historian
Art Gallery Owner
Animation Artist
Art Critic
Furniture Designer
Art Auctioneer
Greeting Card Artist
Scientific Illustrator
Art Benefit Coordinator
Arts Council Director
Fashion Designer
Art Materials Manufacturer
Museum Curator
Set Designer
Police Sketch Artist
Art Supply Retailer
Children’s Book Illustrator
Makeup Artist
Jewelry Designer

Afterward, I received some lovely thank you notes. Here are some excerpts.

"It was awesome for you to come to the school for the Art."

"Being an artist sounds very interesting."

"I love art because you can express your self by sketching, painting, coloring and so on. I'll consider to do this career because I love to sketch and paint, too...I hope you come next year even though I won't be here so other people can learn more about what you do."

"I like it when you talk to me about art. I am going to a artis when I grow up."

"I would'nt be surprised how much you like your job."

"I am most pleased at what advice you gave. Now I can beome an artist just like you. When I grow up, I'm really, really, really going to downate money to you for making me an artist. Maybe you can be my boss."

"Thank you for telling me alot about your job. I think working outside is great. Useing crayons are just right for me. When I saw your picture that you drew were amazing."

Folks, there's no better feedback than that!

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