Springfield Art Guild (SAG) Show and Sale

As a new member of the Springfield Art Guild, I am very excited to participate in their annual juried show at Green Spring Gardens in western Alexandria.

I am thrilled to have two pieces jury in and one of those received an Honorable Mention. Both paintings are in soft pastel. To the left is Green Spring's Poppies in the Rough; it can be viewed in the horticultural center. To the right is Skyline Stands, Honorable Mention, which is hanging in the manor house. The poppies are on 4x6 watercolor paper treated with Golden's Coarse Pumice Gel. The trees are on 9x12 UArt 800 with a watercolor underpainting.

The show runs from August 31 to October 25, 2009. Please join me for the reception September 13 from 1-3PM in the Atrium of the Green Spring Gardens Horticultural Center, Braddock at Little River Turnpike.


Lynne Eve Grossman said...

Hi Bonnie,
Whohooooooooo! Congrats & well-deserved! I was changing the temporary labels to the real labels on lots of artwork because I was on the hanging committee for this show, when I saw the "HM" and your name! I was so excited I told the group of art friends near me that I had recently met you and couldn't wait to see you.

BTW, I like that you share your process here. There's so many different approaches and ways to work in this medium. Since buying 10 sheets at a time is not practical for me, I need to forage for scraps (aka trading with friends...) to try some of these other papers/supports!Congrats again, Bonnie!

Bonnie said...

Thank you so much, Lynne, as well as for your work hanging the show.

You are right. There are so many different ways to work pastel. As far as being budget-minded, the watercolor block I did the poppies on was recycled from my watercolor days a decade ago. The UArt paper was from a reasonably priced sample pack from Dakota Arts and my first try at the very fine 800 grit. I suspected I would not like it, but I did. I think the watercolor underpainting helped.

Last winter, I purchased a large sheet of UArt 500. Just half of it suited a painting larger than 18x24, which is gargantuan in my world. This paper cost $22 and I find such a large investment in support to hinder my creativity! I'm afraid to use it! Must be my thrifty Scottish genes. Best to reuse and get sample packs. Or trade.

With a MAPAPA meeting over the winter, I was able to stay at a lovely lady's home before the Paint Out the next morning. We had talked by phone previously and I'd learned she was a budding pastelist. After brainstorming for days (and actually leaving on my way there, then turning around), I came up with the perfect hostess gift - a pastel paper sample pack combining each of the surfaces I used, probably 10 pieces. It was an incredible, well-received set from the heart. (Hey Patsy, if you're reading! Thanks again for your hospitality.)

bronia said...

Hi Bonnie,
Congratulations on your beautiful art work. You're on the roll!

It was wonderful witnessing your son receiving an award in the PTA Reflections Contest. I know where he gets it from. Congratulations!

I enjoyed speaking to the young artists and their families at the Reflections Awards Ceremony. I think many of the parents will be bringing their children to the Workhouse Arts Center after I invited and encouraged them to visit the artists.

It was wonderful to see you.

Come visit me in Studio 606A.

Warm Regards,
Bronia Ichel