I find that people are either geometry and trigonometry types or algebra and calculus types. Or neither. I loved math growing up and I had a greater affinity for algebra and calculus. In all honesty, geometry and trigonometry seem to have a greater place in our lives, so I've worked on the concepts.

Geometry is what you want to make of it, however its conception centered the workings of a wave, highlighting an antique geometry book's image. The physics are delicate to make a wave tip over; this shows the balance between that delicacy and the grand spill.

I'm sure it's a theme I have yet to complete.

Or just ignore all that and see an eye. Your choice.

mixed media


ariel freeman said...

I too always enjoyed math...the predictability I guess and assurance that there was always an answer, you just had to find it. I didn't see a wave or and eye in your collage... I saw a planet in orbital motion. Interesting arrangement :-)

Bonnie said...

Hey Ariel!

Although our applications were different (you ER, me biochemistry), we certainly have the same interests, to include art in the mix.

Hope you're at 2nd Saturday and can see my two collages and two oils in the exhibit. It's a lot fun making the mixed media pieces, plus it's wonderful they're getting good reviews, too.

Lynne said...

That lovely eye jumped out at me! Interesting theory about math. I'm one of those "both sides of the brain people" who loved math and science...even taught all those types of math you mentioned and ended up with 2 science degrees. Fascinating that all 3 of us are so devoted to our art now!

Bonnie said...

I didn't realize you were such a science geek, too! There should be some secret handshake.

I remember when I supervised the research students at the U of R biochem dept, so many were classical musicians. I'm a big believer in using both sides, although the technical skills certainly overlap.