Designer's Choice

The quiet time had come for me at the Workhouse. My Featured Artist show was over and I was looking to gear up for what the Fall brings. But I have good news in between!

This month I was chosen at the Designer's Choice among the Workhouse Associates "for a piece or body of work." I'm not sure which criterion I met, but the large, pretty gold star is attached to Skyline Stands, so I'll assume that's my lucky ticket.This show will be on display through August 1.

The Designer's Choice is an award presented by professional designers of Association of Interior Design Professionals (AIDP), who work closely with the Workhouse fulfilling the desires of their clients as they tour with them through the galleries and studios, perhaps taking pieces to the clients' home for viewing in situ. Participating artists all over the campus sign up for the MAD Artist! program to allow their paintings to receive some extra mileage.

Many thanks to AIDP and the Workhouse for making this possible.

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ariel freeman said...

Congratulations Bonnie! Well deserved recognition.