Friends and Family

The Workhouse recently held a juried entry for their Friends and Family show. Artists already exhibiting there were asked to choose a friend or family member not affiliated with the Workhouse to come together and submit works for jury.

The Opening is September 3 5-7p and the show runs until September 25.

I had seen this image already on my sister's Facebook and immediately thought of it when I learned of the special exhibit. My sister, Roxann, has a keen eye for composition and especially likes naturally-created still lifes, but she doesn't use her photography like she should! The bike is labelled as TAXI, so it seemed fitting for the photo's name.

To coordinate with it, I chose a picture I took of my son and called it "Sun in my Eyes" which, of course, is a homonym for my real intent.

The incredible news is that our photos made the front of the show's postcard! My sister is going to be spoiled into thinking all this art stuff is easy.


Lynne Grossman said...

That is such cool news about your sister's photo of honor! (Plus your great eye in noticing it and encouraging her.) I can certainly understand about that "easy" part, though. :)

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Lynne. I was so thrilled to see her picture on the postcard, I forgot about mine being there, too.

I am glad you picked up on the noticing and encouraging part. That's my real goal. She lives near a metropolitan area that should offer opportunities to show photography and I hope this gives her confidence to do more. (Hint, hint, Roxann. I know you're reading.)