SAG October Featured Artist

This month, I am Featured Artist for Springfield Art Guild at their Springfield Mall location near JC Penney and the Information Booth. It's only appropriate to have a full show of photography, as I am now a juried Photographer at the Workhouse Arts Center! Gaining this exposure (ha!) had been a long journey and I am thrilled to be able to primarily focus on and show both pastels and photography, plus whatever else I might mix in.

My Featured Artist exhibit at the Loft in Occoquan will be pastels based on my photography in Italy and my Featured Artist exhibit at the Workhouse next June will have one wall of each medium. It has been a long time coming and I look forward to marrying the two media in my efforts to exhibit. Please look to my photo blog for more examples.

NOTE: The exhibit will continue throughout November as well.


Lynne Grossman said...

Congrats! The P's: Photography and Pastel and (Oil)Painting

Bet you have a lot of ideas for Pictures from your Prolific travels this Past summer. :)

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Lynne. Mostly photos and pastels these days and I plan to leave it at that for a while with two big Featured Artist gigs coming up in December and June. It's all so much fun, yet I confess I need more balance.