Paint Annapolis

I will admit to being a bit out of practice on painting still life, but I chose painting a sushi window display over painting boats, marinas, or buildings in Annapolis during Dueling Brushes. Please, give me a good landscape or skyscape any day instead! Yet it's all in good fun. Doing a store front beckoned me even before I arrived.

I used a Dakota KOOOL Binder containing Wallis Belgian Mist along with a collapsible wooden Ikea table and a Dick's tripod chair with a back, to which I could attach the Guerrilla umbrella. I like to get up and view from a distance often.

The pastels are a hard pastel combination of Van Goghs and Cretacolors in two small Van Gogh boxes, Faber Castells, and a compilation of old pastel bits, mostly Unison, WN, AS, Mt Vision, and Ludwig varieties fitted into an old Rembrandt box. The set up was very easy to bag and go. Sushi required many colors I don't normally use, so putting them to work was a joy and I was happy with my diverse palette.

More Annapolis sights with a few other pastelists in the adult and kids's divisions...

Thanks to Tina for photography.

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Maria Bennett Hock said...

looks like a good time! Thanks for sharing the photos.