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I love blogs for how fluid they are. Static webpages often lack personality. Blogs give a fuller picture of an artist and what that artist deems important. Blogs encourage an audience, a discourse, and a community.

That said, I dislike blogs for how buried items of importance become. I blog to promote my current exhibits, which are usually near the top of the page, but I also blog to showcase the paintings themselves. However, the paintings are subsequently buried as more items come after them.

Because I have not had luck with longevity and outside links to galleries at other ultimately failing websites. I have worked on a Gallery for Potomac Artworks and it can be found in a tab to the upper right. It contains many of my works, which have previously been posted here. Although it does not convey size differences in the large thumbnails, it goes give a sense of my style and preferences as an artist. You will notice skies, trees, mood, and color in an Impressionistic style that hints toward Realism, but then skitters away again.

Please visit and revisit my Gallery to have an overview of my Art. And, even though this post will be buried, I will keep the Gallery current with additional art!

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