More in my 30x30 Quest

I am still successfully working on 30 paintings in 30 days. In part, I am taking the time to work on miniature art for the holidays. I am also adapting some work I'd put to the side and giving them new life.

Today's post is all about the miniature. I have reused a 9x12 piece of Uart that had an underpainting done in watercolor plein air a while back. I didn't feel that the piece was worth developing once I got home and I moved on to other projects. For this challenge, I have taken that paper out and divided it into space for nine miniatures.The old watercolor underpainting has been handy, even as I find new applications for it.

So far, I have the under the sea series, additional sea turtles, sunsets, and these, which are from photos I took as the sun was setting on my first day in Curacao in June. I strolled the resort's property on the southern edge of the island at Piscadera Bay. I am very happy to have kept up with the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, because I am not usually a daily painter. My goal is to be more prolific, even if it means doing miniatures, which are their own genre unto themselves.

Each pastel is 2.5x3.5".

Curacao Beach Sunset

Sunset over Piscadera

Lights Coming On, Curacao

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