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Unfortunately, I haven't had too many en plein air paintings to post of late. I've created three paintings over four sessions, as I wanted to get out while the weather is still good. Alas, I have not shared them, because I've had a run of bad luck with some newly purchased materials. It's stuff that is vital to my process and I'd loved in the past, but this came from a bad lot and I didn't realize it.

Further, one evening I had a talkative audience, who I didn't know how to be firm with considering the very important extenuating circumstances. (Blast, I didn't have my Plein Air Conversation t-shirt on that day!) That doubled the loss of one session.

The last couple weeks have reinforced how precious both my materials and my time are to me. In that way, it's a good reminder to really appreciate it when it goes well.

I'll share pretty pictures of where I've been instead. Up top is from Fountainhead Lake in Fairfax Station; those mirrored reflections were just yummy. These two below are both in Lorton: Giles Run Meadow and a small clearing across the street from the Barrett House, which actually is in a restricted zone, although I did get permission to paint there afterward if I parked at the Barrett House. I love how the brownish weeds turn reddish purple orchidy with pink highlights in the setting sun.

I will go back to these spots and try them all again.

Check out the plein air slideshow and map link in the sidebar to find any locations I go to paint.

For anyone local, I'll be painting with NOVAL at the Manassas Battlefield Visitor's Center beginning around 9:30 tomorrow.

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