Stroke Limit Exercise

Okay, first get a feel for the day.

Then watch your instructor paint and be in awe of the atmospheric results.

Start her recommended exercise: simplify and record the colors and values of the scene in 20 strokes. Work small. This is a 4x6 white Pastelboard.

Think about doing the same exercise in the 50 stroke option, but choose instead to tackle that sky on your own. This is 8x10 Pastelboard, probably gray.


Charlatan said...

This technique is exactly like MacPherson - "fill your oil paintings with light and color" - he has so many wonderful exercises like this example.

Much love and thank you for you advice, encouragement and wisdom!

Bonnie said...

Thanks so much for giving me the source of this exercise! I have his next book about painting outside. I should buy his first, too.

Congrats on all your winnings. You are becoming a dynasty. You get to bask in a "Best In Show!"

Tara said...

Oh wow, I love those bottom two paintings! The last one is my favorite. Awesome job!