High Desert, Big Sky

I've been eying a special photograph since I snapped it last month. It was taken on the road between LA and the Goldstone facility one of those days considered partly sunny, which equated to lots of interesting clouds.

I decided to use it now because the big sky called for Stan Sperlak style. I laid in the colors and sprayed it down once with water. Trying to preserve most of the ghosts created, I carefully put down more for some additional definition.

Painting skies is one of my favorite things. Sperlak's method gives me a great excuse!

High Desert, Big Sky

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Anonymous said...

Yummy color! I like the low horizon, and the way there's tension created (in a good way) with that stream of blue sky breaking through behind the warm clouds.

p.s. Thanks for the head's up about the VAMAPAPA group. I'm definitely interested in knowing more and I'll be in touch via email.