Poly Plein Air Workshop 09

Like the last weekend of May 2008, I was able to take another Sara Linda Poly workshop. Last year, I did pastels one day, oils the next. This year was all oils. Both were in the Leesburg, VA vacinity.

Saturday was comprised of a demo by Sara and several 50 stroke paintings by us, much like last year. I found 50 much more difficult than the 25 from last year and she chose to request 25 for the second day. With 50, one loses track of strokes easily and the urge is to just paint. It is much easier to be true to 25. Over the course of the weekend, I did seven, several of which I'll show here over time. I did embellish several afterward.

Following is Sara's demo, two sheds on one side and one on the other. It was a pretty little painting and I realize where I borrow my style now.

After the demo, while we were out working on our 25 stoke pieces, she laid in the final "dots and dashes" to complete the painting.

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