Potomac Shore

Today was my DAR chapter's end of year picnic at Riverside Park near Mt. Vernon on the GW Parkway in Alexandria. This has been my favorite roadside park for over a decade. It's a simple place with little more than a parking lot, but the view is superb of the Potomac River. And ever so calming. One can watch the tourists ferried in and out of George Washington's estate while steering clear of the cyclists whizzing by.

It is also near the daycare my son used when he was tiny, so I would go a little out of my way pass it often. If I was running even five minutes early, I would pull into Riverside Park and recharge. It is my meditative place and this pleasantly hazy day was the first time I seized the opportunity to paint it. I think I captured the soft, gentle nature the park lends me.

8x10 on canvas

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