Chicory and Queen Anne's Lace

I love, respect, and appreciate wildflowers.

My recent oil, Across the Way, shows yellow wildflowers just outside my door. They're even fuller now.

The painting, below, is from a photograph I took over the summer as I played chauffeur to my son for his strings camp. Blue flowers littered the roadside, just as I'd noticed them in summers past, but this year I wanted to photograph them. I think these blue flowers and others were more prevalent this year, because the county decided to cut costs by limiting mowing. All the better for me.

The picture was taken in Fairfax, but it has a completely different feel than a place that is the governmental seat for this large, prosperous county. It is a reminder that there are more than McMansions in Fairfax County. Simple cottages are tucked around everywhere.

After painting, I decided to research these blue flowers. They are chicory and have a beautiful cornflower color. Around here, they are in bloom at least July through September. As much chicory as I've seen and photographed this summer, I should consider getting practical with some chicory salad or coffee! I know all the good spots.

Chicory and Queen Anne's Lace
Oil on board

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