Selling Outside

I spent Sunday at the International Children's Festival at Wolf Trap. Only expecting to spend half the day, it was so much fun that I stayed until the end. Crowds were good and people were buying!

Doing shows always has me in a quandary, because I don't want to buy or store the equipment for display. Here's my modest set up, below, to include supplies for a pastel demo, and it all made it to the tent with only two trips from the car. Wolf Trap provided the large table, chair, and tent. I brought in 13 paintings of 8x10" or less, sizes I could carry and prices I felt the crowd could absorb. I was fortunate to have a portion of the table in a tent on the end of a "U", so my demo and display could spill outward.

Observations or suggestions for simple equipment would be greatly appreciated.

My thanks to NOVAL for including me and to Lorrie and Lou for making the day worth it.

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