As I prepare for the Workhouse's Small Works Show beginning at Thanksgiving and concluding at year's end, I am finishing up some of my own small works to display. One is Bountiful, a soft pastel I created from a photograph I took at Three Foxes Vineyard at Delaplane, VA. What drew me to the scene is how the rows of the laden vineyard intersect, coming from up on the hill down to the plain.

This piece was painted on tan Art Spectrum paper. It was taped down to a board and wet a la Stan Sperlak. After I laid in a hard pastel base, I soaked it with water. It did bubble up with the moisture, because it wasn't heavy Pastelboard, but it laid down nicely again. Although there is pastel on the paper at this stage, it seems integrated with the tooth using this method, making the sanded paper seem even rougher.

soft pastel on Art Spectrum

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