Local Color

I will readily admit to a few passions, aka obsessions: painting outside, buying art supplies, and watching movies. When they collide, it is pure bliss.

Local Color is a coming of age story, one of my favorite genres. Based on real life circumstances and his autobiography of the same name, George Gallo comes of age as both a young man and as a painter, a plein air painter, even. He learns that hard work is, by definition, not easy and how sometimes that process and life in general can made one jaded, as in the case of his reluctant teacher played by Armin Muehller Stahl, a painter himself who came out of acting retirement for the role.

Although I waited for the movie to open locally at an independent theater, I resorted to Netflix instead. It's an affirming movie about the various struggles of a young creative sort and I recommend it highly.


ariel freeman said...

I will look for this one. Guess I need to subscribe to netflix.

Bonnie said...

I love NetFlix and have been a member for a few years. It's a great way to see Independent and Foreign film.

If you do get it, let me know and I'll recommend some other movies for your queue, too.