Louis Escobedo and MAPAPA

At the recent MAPAPA Annual Meeting, I was able to catch a demo by plein air oil painter, Louis Escobedo. Although Louis was quite intent on painting and gave simple answers to questions from the audience, he was also charming and quite jovial. I copied a few snippets from his brief discussions.

You're never going to beat nature. [gesturing to canvas] This is my nature. Be it a photo or real life, you're not copying it.

Use a small sample touch to verify value.

How do you keep sky holes from jumping out? Don't make them too bright.

In creating soft edges, go outside the lines at the start. When it's time to make choices about it, bring in the lights and darks. Hard edges are easy. Takes time to make softer edges.

Use your brush strokes to support your composition.

Audience member: "You sure have blown away a lot of myths."
LE: "Thank you. That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me."

Escobedo emphasized the idea of choices we have while painting - choices at the start, choices put off until later, choices we are confronted with. Although I don't think he denies intuition, he is actively making decisions as he puts down paint. And to great results. It is not haphazard, although it is very loose.

First break

MAPAPA demo set up

Final painting

Wooden hooks attaching palette to easel

Thanks to MAPAPA for always putting on a good show. Too bad they couldn't change the weather at London Town, MD.

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