My pastel of a Jamestown house transforming into the White House was a Finalist in the current Whimsy contest of Infinity Art Gallery.

The beauty of the concept of whimsy is that it has many interpretations. Consider a satirist like Jonathon Swift or Samuel Clemens, or more recently Mel Brooks or Mike Judge. Their whimsy has a meaningful undercurrent. In my soft pastel on prepared surface, whimsy is employed to distort the perspective of a Jamestown building from 400 years ago. This structure is stretched, transforming it into the White House. In effect, my piece unifies the progression of African blood in Colonial and Modern America. My undercurrent: I descent from the African pirates' booty brought to Jamestown in 1619.

My thanks to juror, Maleonn.


Lynne Grossman said...

Congrats, Bonnie!

Bonnie said...

Thanks so much, Lynne. Great to be able to spend some time with you today. I loved the chance to do some hanging!

Alison said...

I really like this!