Career Day

I was prepared for Career Day recently with the tools from last year. Hurray for that!

As usual, the children were eager to learn about Art. In addition to presenting a little color theory, I always stress a few things. One can earn a MFA, but one can also pursue classes and workshops for appropriate art education. I showed educational opportunities with local class catalogs, art books, art magazines, and art supply catalogs.

I also display on the backdrop many art careers that are quite varied in application and the default view of an artist, that of a studio artist, is only a small part of the story when it comes to arts-related careers. I encourage them to consider opportunities like conservation, criminal investigation, computers, exhibition, sales, and manufacturing.

Further, I stress that one can simultaneously practice a chosen career and still be an artist as well. In the individuals I've encountered lately, there has been a theme about second careers, people moving from unsatisfying jobs into teaching. I transitioned from being a published biochemist to more fully embrace and develop my art. I think we appreciate the second one more, because it simmered on the back burner for so long.

It would be a wonderful gift to be young again and choose the right path the first time around! I guess that's the purpose of Career Day.

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