Occoquan Marina

Occoquan is a quaint town near both me and the Workhouse Arts Center. Having a quaint town only a couple miles away is quite convenient, both in proximity and in the cause of getting other painters to come out to create.

The Occoquan docks and marina areas have undergone an effective overhaul which makes it easier to both paint and find beautiful subjects. I pulled out my artistic license on this one, as I appreciate chances to make things in the landscape red.

Occoquan Marina


Art Fortune said...

ArtFortune ! Your style is very interesting. Upon first glance I thought that they were watercolors, it's amazing this effect you have been able to achieve with pastels. Reminiscent of the impressionists.

Bonnie said...

Thank you. Although I often do watercolor underpaintings on larger pieces, I didn't here. It's just pastel, but many do think mine are watercolors. A lot must be b/c I'm not much for hard lines.

Appreciate you coming by.