Skies and More Skies


For Saturday, May 14, at the Workhouse's Second Saturday from 6p until probably 8p, I will be doing a demo in oil in W-16. My goal will be to finish a painting and have a wet canvas sale at the end. Please stop by if you're in the area.

Sometimes artists have a little ping of regret when a piece sells. Last year at the Workhouse, I sold a beautiful 5x7 in the most glorious gold frame. It was a Old Masters gem based on a photo I took near Nokesville, VA.

Let's hope I have the same ping on Saturday. I will be recreating, to some degree, Evening Flame in a larger format, using a wonderful Pannelli Telati fine cotton panel again. They are perfectly smooth, which is the feel I want for a sunset.

If you happen by the Workhouse, look for my wall of paintings, an unusual honor as I requested my submissions for the month be displayed together. When I paint this sky, I will be surrounded by other skies I've created in pastel and oil, to include the two most recent posts here. This will be a lot of fun.

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