Buy a Ticket to RAW Baltimore

Please visit RAW Baltimore to purchase a ticket from me or to make a donation to me for my entry as a featured 2-D artist.

Please do it before noon EST June 3, so I don't have to put out the $200 entry fee by myself.

Do it if I've helped you in the Arts, if I've put on an event you've participated in, if I've collected your registration for a workshop or an exhibit, hung your show, supported your sales, performed PR on your behalf..

Do it if you've ever received an email from me supporting or encouraging your Art.

Do it if you don't live there, but you are entertained here on a regular basis.

Or just do it to support the Arts.

Look at the drop down menu for my name. 

Anyone purchasing a ticket from me will receive 10% off on an artwork purchase that evening, so a $10 ticket could be worth much more, not to mention a fun night club evening out, not a stuffy art opening! Or just know you've supported someone who already has supported you.

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