Thanks for your support!

RAW Baltimore was a huge rush and so much fun. I am so appreciative of the friends and family who bought tickets and came out on a rainy night! And for the superb help I received with the logistics. 

Here are a few of the pictures from the night, mostly taken by RAW Baltimore photographer, Meagan. They speak to the variety of items I had there, everything from photography to pastels to mixed media to fiber to silver earrings. 

 There were several pieces that were particularly well received by this hungry, passionate, interesting, and well informed crowd of art lovers. 

The Two Dips series, named for obvious reasons when you see the photo, are color enhanced according to the gelato flavor they represent

The little girl, who I call Young Capitalist, clutches her wad of play money and, according to her mom, she takes it and her purse everywhere she goes. While quite discerning, she is both stoic and confident. 

The young lady of Entering Waverly Market was perhaps the most spontaneously well received. I was glad she spoke to the viewers as she spoke to me. 

My two larger pastels also caught the eye of many, particularly the moodiness of Morning Drive. My third, larger pastel, was the victim of broken glass for the evening, but it was not damaged, thank goodness! Transport, set up, and take down - what a bear!

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