Saturday, I painted with NOVAL at Great Gatherings. I knew I wanted to paint a pool table and I lucked into a black-felted one with good light. I wanted to treat the balls like a still life.

As is often the case with painting en plein air, lots of people came by to chat. I met another lady who is a lab person; she's wanted to paint for quite some time, but ends up buying completed pieces covering her desired topics instead of using all the supplies she already has.

We have similar personalities and professional inclinations. I was once so perfectionistic about art, too. I can only advise to dive in there, get dirty, take classes, and find support through societies, magazines, dvds, and online forums. That's the thing about artists; I think we want to encourage everybody else to become artists, too. It's much more about practice and training than talent. My son draws a lot. If he starts on the wrong foot, he's quickly on to the next page to start over again. Embrace your false starts; it's how you learn.

Blocked (crop)
5x7 Pastelboard


Anonymous said...

Great title for your still life pool balls.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a yellowed pool ball, that is my boy ;-) !