California With a KOOOL Binder & a Roz Bag

We spent the week in California enjoying the sunny rainy weather. Not to be deterred, I got in a good bit of painting due to the cooperation of my lovely, flexible, encouraging car mates. I'll post some sketches/paintings over the coming days.

Our first opportunity at sunshine was a wonderful bit of serendipity as we crossed the King Range between the Avenue of the Giants and Shelter Cove on the Pacific to reach the Lost Coast. Nothing is better than finding a well-placed picnic table! I faced the ocean at sunset, plus there was plenty to occupy my companions between the black sand beach and the Cape Mendocino Lighthouse.

My pastels travelled well from Virginia to California, carried them on with only minor questioning at Dulles and a little more thorough inspection/swabbing at LAX. I purchased a Richeson Roz Bag with four trays for the trip, because I felt my French Companion would be too bulky and not protect my jumble of pastels well enough. Because the organized, foam-lined trays of the Roz Bag are made for plump Unison pastels and many brands I use are smaller, I cut 1/2" foam pieces to layer between each tray; you can see them stored in the bag to prevent fly aways while I painted. The Roz Bag was a bit tougher to zip being so full, but it worked well. The only thing I would criticize about the Roz bag is the empty space under the Richeson logo in the center of each tray. I've lost a couple pastels in them already and have not yet wanted to empty the entire tray to maneuver the hidden ones back out. Once I get them out, the spaces will be stuffed with cotton or foam.

This was the second location where I lucked into a well-placed picnic table. The day was chilly, breezy, and overcast, but Westley was a great spot for a rest area. One thing I realized during the week was that I am much better prepared pastel-wise to paint sunny scenes than gray, foggy, hazy ones. Guess I just need to go buy some more low key pastels.

The top of the Roz Bag conveniently fit essentials such as wipes, pencils, sharpener, stiff oil brush, small trash bags, a lid to hold working pastels, and my new 5.5x8.5" KOOOL Binder. Here I am working on Wallis Belgian Mist, but throughout the week I used a variety pack of ColorFix as well as Wallis in white. Separately, I'd brought an 8.5x11" KOOOL Binder, but didn't have the opportunity to use it and go larger. My painting sessions were less than 60 minutes, which suited the smaller size well.

I definitely didn't anticipate the opportunity to paint each day on our trip, but Thanksgiving is a time for being grateful, rain or not. Sincere thanks to our gracious host.


Anonymous said...

Hmm sounds as though you enjoyed the fruits and nuts of California. Perhaps a winery for relaxation next time after you paint.

José said...

Hi Bonnie,

Your blogs looks quite pro and it's great to read about your projects.
Looking at you with all those pastels I could not stop from thinking : "a whack on her head and I'd still those boxes" :-)

Take care,


Bonnie said...

Glad for you stopping by.

Thanks so much for not conking me on the head. I would definitely have put up a good fight!