Painting with the Non-Painter

(Thanks to Gurney Journey, who has a great article about artist support.)

Although he's only 11, my son is the best support I could ask for. He has a great eye, too. When he was only 10, he told me after I'd asked for feedback, "Mom, you really need to develop that shoreline." And he was right.

Here are some pictures from last fall. It's great when we choose a painting spot that can hold his interest as well. This is Shelter Cove, CA.

This day in SF, we had to forgo the submarine and ship tour, but we didn't forgo my chance at painting later. I'm glad he didn't make the connection.

In the Redwood Forest, I told him to hug a tree, but he didn't want to be known as a Tree Hugger, hence the hood and hidden face. Shhh!

At the International Children's Festival at Wolf Trap, I painted demo-style with NOVAL all morning while he and I checked out all the festivities all afternoon.

Close to home at Giles Run, we brought along the laptop with games and movies for the picnic table. I painted through him. He gave me a time limit and I tried to cooperate, because I mostly just wanted his company.

Who do you have to thank for your support? What compromises do you make?


Elizabeth Seaver said...

My husband is a rock! He pushes me to do the next hard thing, even if it means stretching an already stretched budget. He gives me art supplies for valentines. He thinks my work is as important as his. I wouldn't be doing what I am today--and I am so happy--if it weren't for him.

Bonnie said...

Thanks so much for commenting, Elizabeth! I definitely understand. I have friends and family who keep me in art supplies, classes, and framing; I call them my benefactors. I couldn't do it without them. Now if they wouldn't ask for every painting! (j/k, I swear!)

ariel freeman said...

Definitely my husband, though he isn't quite a "rock". He is supportive as long as my "hobby" doesn't inconvenience him or the family too much. But he is starting to figure out that art isn't going away. And he always knows what to get me for my Birthday. He too has a very good eye and can usually tell just what I need to do to make a painting better.

Donna T said...

I'm missing my youngest son - he is a brutally honest art critic and a very good artist himself, although he won't admit it. He could always pinpoint what area of my painting needed work. Sometimes he would assess my fixes and tell me that it didn't stink anymore. LOL. He just became a US Marine.

Bonnie said...

Next time you're able, take your son down to Museum of the Marine Corp in Dumfries/Quantico, just down I-95. It is one of my favorite museums ever, even though I definitely had my quota of the military life as an Army Wife for many years. In addition to all the war-related bells and whistles. this museum has two art galleries - one of war scenes and one of pieces created by Marines. They are wonderful to behold and maybe your son could see that both sides are possible.

Arhagle said...

Familly is the most importantant for an artist :P

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