Winter Thaw

This weekend in Chadds Ford PA was wonderful. The weather peaked out in the mid 40s, so the afternoons were quite mild. In the mid 20s that morning, it was cold starting out. During my first painting I had my attire thoroughly evaluated by a pausing bicyclist, him noting my double pants, heavy boots, two coats, and then fussing that I only had on one hat! Bah! This from a guy in Spandex? Painting en plein air keeps it light with the funny people you meet.

I worked on three views before time was up and framed one for the reception Saturday night. Down around Brandywine Creek State Park, I liked the vistas and was drawn to the cluster of buildings, long and low.

Here's the gallery view of mine, an 8x10 in pastel, plus a slide show of the other incredible work available through March 15 at the Chadds Ford Historical Society.

Winter Thaw
Pastel on Wallis

Toward the end of the slideshow, there's a red elevated barn on the right. It is the work of Kenn Backhaus and I'll cover his informative demo, complete with videos, in my next post.

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Donna T said...

Wow, great pastel, Bonnie! That's an impressive collection of work by the others too. I just heard from my painting buddy Anne Snyder and she said she met you! She said it was a great group and she really enjoyed the Backhaus demo. Were you the only one working in pastels?

Bonnie said...

You know Anne? How funny! We had a 30 minute discussion about Thermoses and I carried on about the wonderful new off brand $6.99 one I bought at the grocery store. On a whim, I gave it to her as I was leaving Sunday and she was so gracious. (I bought a new one on the way home, so it was fine.)

Mary Pritchard and Stan Sperlak also used pastels. I don't think there were any others.

I wish I had seen them work. Mary uses an Anderson easel and a set of NuPastels fits in there well. Her preferred surface is the deep warm red Art Spectrum ColorFix.

Although I didn't see all that sold, one of Mary's did; another of hers is a red barn on the top right of picture #3 in the slide show and Anne's is just to the left. Wish I could identify Stan's, but I don't see his in the pictures.