Pond on Thompson Road

On vacation for the holiday, we stayed in a hotel with a very pretty view of a pond with cattails. In fact, my son exclaimed from our room's window, "Hey Mom! You can paint from here!" I tell ya, I am raising him right. I painted from the hotel property and even the owner came out to inspect.

Next to the pond were field upon field of Virginia's cash crop, according to my son's history lessons: tobacco. Perhaps I'll come back to a picture of it next winter. I'm sure I'll come back to one of the many pictures I took of hay bales, a subject matter I am obsessed with.

Painting under an ornamental plum tree, I was able to clip the car shades to the branches without damaging the tree. It worked very well in keeping my painting and palette shaded.

This pond actually backed to I-95, but it is amazing what a little artistic license can accomplish. It is my first gallery wrap attempt and it went better than expected. Careful travels kept the sides pristine.

Pond on Thompson Road
Oil on Canvas Gallery Wrap

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