I love photography and pursue it as avidly at painting, although I've never attempted to show.

Just like it feels like a waste to have my own paintings languishing on my own walls, I would like to put some of my photography to better use and share it for both the beauty and for your painting pleasure. If you do paint from one, please let me know and see it! I hope to make this a regular feature.

These photos are from my recent workshop weekend with Poly. The first is at the farm in Leesburg, VA. The second, well, I took my life into my own hands parking next to Rt 7 near Sterling to tale the photos. The last is at the merge point of 28 and 66 in Centreville.


Anonymous said...

Photos? Come see!
(I'm so PROUD of myself for managing to pull 'em off FB)


monicajane said...

hey bonnie...I don't know if you read my blog when I first started but my original avatar was a field of red poppies just like the one you have their...they are so beautiful...

love your photography...you do indeed have a good eye.