Genteel Winter

My works are usually done alla prima, which translates for me, "what happens outsides, stays outside." Not only do I like the challenge of painting en plein air, I like having one shot to do it. That's not to say each shot is successful, but each shot represents another rung on the learning ladder.

I began Genteel Winter en plein air near Ashland, Virginia, a while back. It was a lovely afternoon for painting the end of bare winter, which is punctuated so strongly with with the contrast between deciduous and coniferous trees.

And there were the yellow and orange grasses I love.

It took a spell of sitting on a shelf in my studio for me to find what it needed and to bring it to a place I am happy to show.

This painting is on a prepared surface of pumice gel on white Gessoboard, which is not for the detail-oriented subject matter. It does not have a tinting or an underpainting, just loads of texture due to a clunky, full brush. The name of the piece pays homage to my Southern heritage and the mild and beautiful Southern winter, which that day felt genteel, polite, and pleasant.

Genteel Winter
Soft Pastel on Gessoboard and Prepared Pumice Surface

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