Red Awning

Sykesville, MD is a scenic and quaint old town. The sky brooded in moodiness most of the day. I'd met a group from MAPAPA for a Paint Out Plus, meaning we started the day with a demo. This day, our instructor was Barbara Nuss. Her reputation had preceded her and I was thrilled to buy her book, 14 Formulas for Fabulous Landscapes, and to get it signed. She is also President of Washington Society of Landscape Painters, the local veneration of painters.

Barbara brought us together to learn about a tool for perspective called the Prospek. Available from Jerry's Artarama, it is very helpful in measuring an object in the distance and translating it to the canvas or paper. Easy to use, my sixth grader loves using it as he draws.

Here's Barbara at work.

My day brought me Red Awning, which is of a trucking company 180 degrees from where Barbara painted. I chose it so I could paint and have my pastels in the shade of a building, but I also liked the angle of the road and the thrust of the building. When Barbara saw my work, she commented that I must be a student of Jack Pardue. Although I've met him, I've not yet taken a class or workshop from him. However, I consider it high praise, indeed.

Red Awning
Soft Pastel on Pastelboard


Mystery Artist said...

nice work!! wow!

ariel freeman said...

Love your use of warm and cools on the building!