Red Roof

On Day 1 of McKinley's workshop, we did field sketches, what I refer to as paper towel underpaintings. Surprisingly, they turned out to be my favorite version of underpainting for the week.

The beauty and diversity of the view of Hillsborough Vineyards lent itself to many kinds of paintings. Most of the 20 of us participants went for the longer view, although some did go for pieces of the vineyards.

The conditions were extremely windy. Although my hat was strapped below my chin, it would fly off with abandon. Holding on to hat, pastels, easel, and paper left little mental energy to paint. The first two days of the workshop were like this; it was exhausting competing with the wind, but I like my products nonetheless!

Happily, the winds seemed to blow the intermittent clouds though with ease and, during a sunny spell, I caught this view of the neighboring property. It has a bright, optimistic calm which is inviting.

Red Roof
soft pastel on Uart 600


ariel freeman said...

I can feel the wind in your painting :-)

Bonnie said...

Ha! It was blowing the roof off the house and friction turned it from green to red!