DLA at Ft. Belvoir

This week was a hoot.

Like my fellow vendors, the folks at Defense Logistics Agency HQ at Ft. Belvoir are real gems. They're mostly a bunch of military geeks, but they certainly appreciate Fine Art. I was an Army Wife for 17 years, so I had a feel for their lingo, but I loved that they had a feel for mine.

Plus they made purchases, which was very helpful for my new status as a vendor there. In fact, I have a new week added, June 21-25, to my established schedule of November 1-5 and December 6-10.

Soon I'll be showing off the completed painting I almost finished while there; below is a middle stage. Created for my 10 MILE RADIUS show, it's an offbeat vision of the nearby oil storage tank facility, the petroleum guy's dream and the defense guy's nightmare, and I certainly heard from both. One petroleum geek, um, specialist said his artist wife would never let him buy this painting. I countered that because it is Fine Art, she would embrace it, that it would be the perfect compromise for them both.

Of course, I think it would be lovely in his office.

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