Meadow, Left and Meadow, Right

I usually paint en plein air or from photographs. That's not to say I lack imagination. Instead, it means I haven't run out of material I can actually see yet.

Meadow, Left and Meadow, Right are a diptych from my imagination. I enjoyed having a whole as well as each piece with good composition. Even though my Featured Artist show at the Workhouse next month is bearing down on me, I took the time for some small pieces, as I may be back at DLA/Ft. Belvoir next month and those lovely folks bought a number of small works which I must replenish!

This duo has a watercolor underpainting, especially evident in the sky, on UArt 400 grade. Overall size is 4x12.

Meadow, Left and Meadow, Right
soft pastel
4x6 each on UArt 400


ariel freeman said...

Beautiful. I love the yellows and magenta

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Ariel. Great to see you.